The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a system built into the vehicles exhaust system, it's purpose is to reduce 'harmful' emissions from the exhaust.

DPF systems on some vehicles (usually French) also have a system where by a special additive is injected into the DPF.

Problems with DPF's are very common from restrictions and blockages to issues with DPF regeneration. Problems of this nature are generally very expensive to rectify, a new DPF can be over £500.00 but it is very likely the new DPF will become faulty in the future.

To fully deal with DPF systems Diesel Bob Tuning (UK) Ltd has jumped to the only reliable and long term solution, DPF-OFF.

The DPF-OFF service we provide involves physical removal of the DPF core followed by changes to the vehicles software to effectively instruct the vehicle that is no longer fitted with a DPF system.

The process takes anything from 4 hours to over a day, the overall time is dictated by DPF access and ironing out of potential software glitches.

Once the DPF system is removed we have had feedback stating increased mpg and a lift in power and torque.

Price for the DPF-OFF service will vary according to vehicle, model and year but the average cost is £375.00 + vat.

We can carry out the software changes only should you wish to remove the DPF hardware yourself, but the software alterations can only be carried out AFTER DPF removal.

One may ask is it 'moral' to remove a system from a vehicle that reduces it's emissions?

The answer to this would depend upon the side of the fence you stand with regards to 'climate change'.

Personally we are not easily brainwashed by hippies and politicians, Mother nature is the highest power and she has her own agenda that isn't financially fuelled.

So to the Global Warming crew why don't you DPF-OFF.