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Knowlege + Commitment + Common Sense = Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd

Whilst other tuning companies battle to provide the maximum power gains we are the ONLY diesel tuning company dedicated to SAFE power gains!

Maximum power gains and safe power gains are NOT the same!

There are various ways to increase the power of the modern diesel engine.

Please click on the below page link to view common tuning methods.

Diesel Tuning methods in details

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has TRUE diesel engine experience which gives us the advantage of actually knowing which options work. We ONLY offer SAFE power upgrades that will not reduce engine OR injection system components life.

Diesel Power! ECU Remapping System. More power, more torque, more MPG, Guaranteed!

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is proud to offer ECU remapping for virtually all diesel vehicles.

Our map software has been extensively tested for reliability and durability, it has proven itself to be ultra stable and extremely effective.

We can offer 4 ECU remap options:

1. BALANCED - Provides a modest power/torque increase of 20-30%, with economy gains of 4-6mpg over standard.

2. POWER MAP - Aimed solely for power/torque gains of 30-40%, Mpg can reduce or remain as before.

3. ECO MAP - Developed to increase engine efficiency, economy gains of 5 - 10mpg are typical, power/torque is lifted by 5-10%.

4. BESPOKE - The map used will be created to your requirements or to compliment existing alterations to your vehicle.
(This option is for cars that have been mechanically modified from standard)

Not all map options are available for all vehicles contact us for details.

All remap options will provide:

  • A more responsive engine
  • Smoother more linear power delivery
  • Removal of flat/dead spots

Release the hidden power!

All vehicle manufacturers place restrictions on the engines power output to cater for those who operate poor servicing schedules or to cover the use of low quality fuels.
Our ECU remaps will unleash the hidden performance of your vehicle by removing the restrictive software that was originally fitted by the manufacturer.

Obviously servicing times must be correctly followed and the use of cheap fuel i.e. Red diesel, avoided after an ECU remap has been carried out.

The diesel engine has, by its design, always been 'over engineered' and can withstand sizeable power increased without issue. German engines being the most robust of all.

The following regions of vehicle manufacturers are covered:

  • British
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

Limited coverage applies to the following regions of vehicle manufacture:

  • Sweden - Saab, Volvo
  • Japan - Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki
  • Korea - Hyundai, kia

(Currently we are unable to remap Toyota or Mazda vehicles)

To apply an ECU remap in the majority of cases we require the vehicle for 1-2 hours, the remap is carried out via the diagnostic socket.

To remap some vehicles the engines ECU (engine computer) requires removal.


Extra Tweaks

Our remapping system goes beyond power / torque / economy enhancement, we also provide the following ECU alterations:

  • Remove engine speed / RPM limiters
  • Apply engine speed /RPM limiters
  • Remove DPF / catalyst software and hardware

For price quotes, to make a booking or for general info contact us.

We also provide an ECU remapping service for tractors and trucks, click here for details.

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Other remap options deliver different results, contact us for details.

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