Sorry we do not have one, nor will we pretend to have one!

Whilst it is currently fashionable to make claims about how 'green' ones company is and how you will be saving the environment if you use them, Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd will not be taking a jump onto this band wagon.

None of our products will change the world.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is proud to stand out from the fairy tales and myths that promise to offer a 'greener' service than the rest, it's all nonsense and we are not taking part.

We use heaters in the winter and switch the air-con on in the summer, we have been known to leave lights on too.

The environmental matter has affected the design of the diesel engine in a negative way.

The diesel engine would appear to be suffering a heavy attack from hippies, 'environmentalists' and do gooders all making claims about the effect the diesel engine (and all oil burning engines) has on, the other big band wagon that keeps rolling, global warming.

Unfortunately to 'stop' global warming spineless scientists and politicians have dreamt up ludicrous legislation that sets exhaust emission limits to unhealthy figures.

We say unhealthy with regards to the health of diesel engine.

The addition of emission reducing components to a diesel vehicle MASSIVELY reduces it's reliability, many current faults we see are related in some way to emission control.

Now we have EGR systems running with electronic motors, EGR systems running through engine coolant, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) in the exhaust system, additive systems (injecting glorified urine into the exhaust, who saw that happening????) and other overly complicated, overly costly to rectify and overly difficult to diagnose parts 'thrown' onto an otherwise complicated enough, modern diesel engine.

This ever marching push to clean up exhaust emissions is effectively killing the diesel engine.

Many clients who have had recurring issues with their diesel vehicles have stated they would never own a diesel again.

The biggest problems are when the modern diesel (generally 2006 onwards) is used for short journeys. Short journeys allow a build up of soot to take a hold within the inlet manifold, EGR system and exhaust which, on a modern diesel, causes DPF blockage/failure, EGR problems and even issues with the turbo charger.

To avoid or reduce such issues we advise that a diesel that is to be used for short journeys has a once weekly blast down an 'A road' or motorway with the revs hitting 3500 - 4000 for at least 10 minutes (over a journey, not all at once!)

Another option would be to take to the streets with placards stating 'Enough of this global warming crap!'