The use of tuning boxes on these types of vehicle has been common place for many years, indeed, Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd was one of, if not the first to offer tuning units for tractors in Europe.

However, due to the long operating hours of these machines and arduous conditions in which they work 'add on' tuning devices tended to fail or give running issues a few months / years after fitment.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd now offers a truly long term and bullet proof solution to increase power / torque / efficiency of tractor and truck engines.

Diesel Power! ECU Remapping System. More power, more torque, more MPG, Guaranteed!

Our ECU remap software provides unrivaled power gains, higher torque and less fuel use!
The tests conducted show our remaps to out perform ALL add on tuning devices in terms of power increase, torque increase, efficiency gains and above all, long term reliability.

Tuning Box Big red cross
ECU Remap Big green tick

There are a few downsides to ECU remapping tractors:

  • The ECU must be removed and sent to us. (Turn around of an ECU is 3 - 7 working days)
  • The MAP software we apply can be overwritten by manufacturer software which will return performance to standard settings. (We will reload our software at a reduced price if this should happen)
  • The MAP software cannot be transferred between vehicles.

Power / torque increases for tractors is 25-45%, efficiency increases of 5-15% are typical.

Power / torque increases for trucks is 10-30%, efficiency increases of 2-6 mpg are average.

Most trucks can be remapped via the diagnostic socket whilst some require ECU removal.

Tractor remap cost is £400.00 to £550.00 + VAT
Truck remap cost is £350.00 to £450.00 + VAT

Not all manufacturers are currently covered, for further enquiries please contact us.