The irritating light on the dashboard, what's it for? Should I just ignore it? Maybe take the bulb out or stick black tape over it!

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On-board diagnostics (OBD) is a system to provide communication with a vehicles computer/s to enable checking of the components and assist with fault location, the MIL light illuminating indicates an error has occurred which requires the engine computer to be plugged into a diagnostic computer or 'code reader'.

The illumination of the fault light (MIL) ought to be investigated immediately as there is always a good reason for its activation. When the light illuminates the engine may also do one or more of the following:

Shut down completely,

Operate in the 'get you home' mode, this reduces maximum engine revs and reduces power output,

Idle at nothing lower than 1200 to 1500 rpm.

The way the OBD operates on some vehicles can be very dangerous and one would hope the manufactures have address this issue. On some occasions and with minor faults the engine can completely shut down at high speeds which causes the power steering to cease operating and loss of braking ability. Technology going too far perhaps?

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd was operating before the implementation of OBD, this gives us the ability to logically locate faults using past experience. This is very useful when everything on the vehicles ECU is reading as no faults recorded yet there is a definite running fault.

Many main dealer and other repair centres have real problems locating and dealing with faults when no information is logged on the ECU, we have the experience to deal with even the most difficult to trace problems.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has invested heavily in diagnostic equipment. We have various machines to tackle virtually every diesel car and light commercial on Britains roads.

This includes all European marques.

The majority of Japanese and Korean Marques.

The majority of grey imports and imported vehicles can also be dealt with including:

Australian Ford,

We offer 2 diagnostic options:

1) Read and erase fault codes only.

2) Full in-depth diagnostics, checking data feedback from engine actuators and sensors.
'Code in' parts (e.g. Ford TDCI injectors).
(Reading of codes and erasing is obviously included)

Prices from £10.00 + vat, depending on make of vehicle.

All diagnostics must be booked, in-depth diagnostics require the vehicle to be left with us, this is not a while you wait service.

If for any reason we are unable to communicate with your vehicle there is NO charge.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd uses the following manufacturers of diagnostic equipment:

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