Our dedication to specialist services allows us to offer FULL petrol injector testing and servicing.

Petrol injectors are simplified, light duty version of the common rail diesel injector, they are triggered via electrical pulse and are connected to a low pressure equivalent of a 'common rail'.

The majority of petrol injectors are 'sealed' and cannot be rebuilt, HOWEVER, our specially designed equipment can revitalise petrol, injectors that are clogged, stuck, restricted or dribbling.

Special ultrasonic cleaning techniques are combined with highly effective flushing machines and cutting edge test equipment, this gives us the ability to rework even the most 'poorly' petrol injectors.

Petrol injector testing starts from £5.00 each + vat.

Petrol injector servicing starts from £25.00 each + vat.

We can deal with very early type injectors up to current style injectors, including the Mitsubishi 'GDI' injectors.


To send any items to us simply post to the address on the CONTACT US page, enclose your contact details and also provide a return address. Once the item is received we will contact you after an inspection with an accurate price quote. We will do this BEFORE any chargeable work is carried out.

The good old post office ( is one way to send items or Parcel Force ( will collect them from your address.

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