Diesel Servicing

Our many years of pure diesel dedication enables us to offer engine servicing of a very high standard.

The diesel driver of today is faced with 'cut price' engine servicing from garages trying to be the most competitive. To provide low price servicing the only option is to use lower price components such as filters, oils and belts or to set a time to carry out a service forcing technicians to rush the job potentially making mistakes or missing faults.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd does not undertake a rushed or 'cheap' diesel engine service, we only use genuine parts or tried and tested parts of an equal standard to genuine parts, saving a few quid on a 'spurious' filter can lead to a very expensive repair bill in the not so distant future.

We only use oils that are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

We do not use parts supplied from the big greed driven, knowledge lacking motor factors.

The job is done right, or we don't do it!

It is also worth noting that cars under manufacturers warranty can be serviced outside the main dealers by third parties and your warranty will NOT be compromised, provided genuine parts used. We WILL use genuine parts

A normal and basic engine service (Oil, filters, reset service indicator) starts from £70.00 + vat.

During a service we can also check engine timing, check electrical connections, carry out a visual check of components and run diagnostics to ensure everything is as it should be.


We also offer cam belt changes for diesels. During a cam belt change we triple check the engine timing after fitting as it is absolutely essential the timing is spot on, sploding 'tip-ex' everywhere as timing reference points is just not good enough.

To arrange a service and/or cam belt change Contact Us.

There are certain areas of vehicle service / repair that we do not offer.

The areas of work we DO NOT provide are:

  • Cylinder head removal / fitting
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Brake repairs / adjustment
  • Clutch changes
  • Wheel bearing replacement / adjustment
  • Steering related work
  • Suspension related work
  • Gearbox related work
  • Tyre / wheel associated work

We can provide contact information of garages who can assist with the above types of work.